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Keratin Hair Treatments That Are Safe

Great hair has always been a symbol of beauty throughout the world, which is why the hair care industry combs in billions upon billions of dollars every year. Part of that industry focuses on straightening naturally curly hair – or just keeping naturally straight hair that way.

A recent trend at hair salons has been to treat hair with keratin to straighten it out. If that sounds like a potentially hazardous artificial chemical to you, you will be glad to know that the protein known as keratin occurs naturally in human hair. These treatments work by applying a product full of keratin to a person’s hair, then sealing the product into the hair using a flat iron. As long as the hair is treated properly afterwards, the recipient can expect luxuriously straight hair without frizz for up to ten weeks.

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, some unlucky clients have seen their hair break during these keratin treatments. This problem does not stem from the keratin product, but rather the flat iron. If the iron is too hot or is applied for far too long, that’s when your hair may no longer be there.

The keratin products themselves do not escape without controversy, however. Many products contain a substance known as methylene glycol which can turn into formaldehyde when heated to 450°. Formaldehyde is a well-known embalming agent that possesses carcinogenic properties, so people afraid of getting cancer should stay away.

Any product used to straighten hair must include some form of aldehyde, and it doesn’t have to be formaldehyde. Glutaraldehyde and oxalaldehyde are among the most popular non-formaldehyde agents used in keratin products, and while they are both aldehydes, neither have been shown to hold the same carcinogenic properties as formaldehyde.

Even with the safety concerns addressed, many people hoping for keratin treatments balk at the high price of said solutions. Averaging at $350 a bottle, keratin is often out of most consumers’ price ranges. KeratinControl ( offers a solution that is not only free of formaldehyde, but is more affordable at just under $50 per order.

Let’s summarize. Is it safe to straighten your hair with keratin? Yes, if you don’t use a product with formaldehyde or abuse the flat iron. Is it affordable? Yes, if you buy KeratinControl. Is it right for you? In the end, that’s up to you. I’m just giving it to you as straight as it can be.

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